Bottle helpers

Range of pourers, stoppers and openers

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We have a range of helpful tools to help with those tricky bottles.

Ranges of tools available:

  • Metal Liquor Speed Pourer
  • Black Pourer cover (for narrow pourers)
  • Black Powder Coat Bar Blade
  • Black Pull Lever Corkscrew
  • Sommelier Wood Handle Corkscrew
  • Staineless steel bar blade
  • Stainless Steel Wine Saver + 2 Stoppers
  • Wine Duck Bill Pourer (Twin Pack)
  • Wine stoppers (Twin Pack)
  • Leather Bar Blade Holster
  • Chrome Champagne Saver
  • Round Black 35cm Non Slip Service Tray
  • 12 pack pro pourer in copper, gold, silver, eco mix wood

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