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Bitter bottles are an essential addition to any cocktail bar. Both Bitter and Dash bottles work by adding drops of small flavouring to add a finishing touch the cocktail. These bitterĀ bottlesĀ are used mainly for bitters like angostura and orange bitters, which are used to flavour many different dishes or beverages.

Our 50ml dash bottle with globe top helps to store smaller more expensive bitters but signature cocktails.

To help fit in with the many bar concepts we have a different finishes for the dash/bitter bottle tops in copper, gold and stainless steel.


  • Beveled bitter bottle 50ml
  • Michelangelo dash bottle 220ml
  • Classic bitter bottle diamond cut 90ml
  • Jewel dash bottle 175ml
  • Donatello dash bottle 130ml
  • Roman column dash bottle 140ml
  • Diamond square dash bottle 100ml
  • Globe top dash bottle 50ml

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