Bar & Floor matting

Mixed matting

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Assortment of bar & floor matting to help keep clean on those busy days and nights.

Matting available:

  • Black Click Floor Mat Interlocking Rubber Floor Mat 90×90
  • Black Glass Mesh Barliner (61x305cm)
  • Black Interlocking Glass Mat (30x30cm)
  • Black Rubber Service Counter Mat (30x45cm)
  • White Glass Mesh Barliner (61x305cm)
  • White Interlocking Glass Mat (30x30cm)
  • Black Rubber Cocktail Bar Counter Mat (8x60cm)
  • Copper rubber cocktail mat (10x70cm)
  • Gold rubber cocktail mat (10x70cm)
  • Silver rubber cocktail mat (10x70cm)

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